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The design of energy efficient, sustainable, and environmentally compatible structures and services are becoming essential parts of our lives. As engineers involved in services and structural design, DeVS-SiVEST are well placed to incorporate appropriate technologies. This includes intervention in:

Water, Roads and Stormwater – on-site procurement and treatment of potable water, as well as wastewater treatment using anaerobic biogas digestors, aerobic treatment and reedbeds. Appropriate road widths and finish design and stormwater management facilities, including permeable paving design.

Structures – design of buildings to maximize the efficiency of the enclosed space and the use of appropriate renewable materials.

Wind Modelling – using Computational Fluid Dynamics to predict airflow around structures to reduce high wind velocity areas.

Thermal Modelling - confirming designs are complant with SANS 10400-XA Energy Efficiency regulations, as well as modelling buildings in order to predict energy usage for Green Star ratings.


DeVS-SiVEST is also a proud Green Building Council of South Africa Member Organisation.

SE southern low podium wind vels.jpg

Sustainable Engineering

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