The Team

Garry de Villiers Sheard

Professional Engineer
BSc (Civil Eng) UCT

Garry started in construction with Murray and Roberts (then Murray and Stewart) after graduating in 1975. After working in the Eastern Cape and Transkei, and some overseas travel, he then joined Kantey and Templer as a structural engineer. After 3½ years there he left to start what has now become de Villiers Sheard cc. He has specialised as a structural engineer.

Vivian Hill

Professional Engineer
BSc (Civil Eng)) UCT

Vivian Hill is a Civil Engineer (UCT 1995) with 20 years experience in both civil and structural engineering. Her first 6 years were spent working mainly in civil engineering design, including township infrastructure, urban stormwater design and computer modelling, catchment management, roads and services. Work at deVS has been in both civil and structural engineering, with the main focus on reinforced concrete and structural steel design.

Case Bakker

Professional Engineer

BSc (Mech Eng)
MSc (Mech Eng)
PhD Eng (Chem), UCT
GBCSA Accredited Professional

David Stonestreet

Professional Engineer
BSc (Civil Eng)
GBCSA Accredited Professional

David Stonestreet is a professionally registered Civil Engineer (UCT 1990). After graduating he worked in the structural field before travelling overseas. On his return he worked mainly in the rural water infrastructure sector for 10 years before returning to Cape Town. He has since worked on both structural and civil projects while at deVS. This included reinforced concrete, structural steel and timber design. The civil projects included design of pipelines, water feature structures, culverts, sewerage pipelines etc.

Dr. Case Bakker is a Mechanical Engineer (UCT 2003), and received his MSc (Mech Eng) in 2006. He was awarded his PhD in 2009 for research involving the use of CFD in the investigation of hydrodynamics in minerals extraction technology in the mining industry.Currently his main focus is on the design of building services (wet services and HVAC), as well as the incorporation of sustainable initiatives in building design.

The Team
Kim Bramwell

Senior Technologist

B Tech (Civil Eng)

Stella McIntyre

Senior CAD Technician

Alex Rousseau

Head of Drawing Office

Senior CAD Technologist (Structural)


Bernadette Josephs

Secretary, Receptionist & Personnel Officer

Sakinah Fakier

Senior CAD Technologist (Civil)

Survey Expert

Munier Salie

Senior Technician - ND: Civil Engineering

Jason Booysen

Technician - ND: Civil Engineering

Shane Erasmus

Technician - ND: Civil Engineering

Agnus Litchowa

Office Assistant

Basil Bailey

Technical Manager

Wesley Strong

Technologist - BTech (Civil Eng)

Unathi Faku

Technician - ND: Civil Engineering

Stuart Hofmeyr

Prof. Senior Architectural Technologist

Chester Kruger

Technologist - B Tech (Civil Eng)

Simon Starck

Civil Engineer - BSc (Civil Eng) UCT

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